​A peace of mind


Me and my brother had recently discussed some aspects of human mind and as much as I tried to defend mind, my brother kept saying, that mind is the root of all suffering that we endure in our lives. 
As it was during my hours at work, I said I’ll write a little something about it, as it was an interesting discussion we started together have and to not forget where we were and what we said about mind and how do we, humans, interact with it, I said we can keep this topic open and each of us can come with some explanation for why we believe what we believe about the purpose of our mind. So here’s my opinion. 

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First of all, I think mind can only work with the facts. Or some kind of statistics, or probability. It seems to be what’s responsible for our decision making when we can divide things into black and white. Once we are talking about more shades, it kind of struggles because it can’t decide what’s best for us.
I read something like for each road we take there’s more roads that we don’t take. And when we are deciding about some long road, something like a career, marriage, any kind of long term commitment where the exact outcome cannot be relevantly predicted, naturally it will be our heart what will try to push us certain direction. 

Mind can decide what is the best thing to do to achieve what the heart desires, but mind doesn’t decide what it is that we want to pursue. 

The trickiest thing, and something I go through at the moment, is to figure out what to do when your heart doesn’t know what it wants. I mean it doesn’t know exactly what it wants. Mind is then struggling to provide the instructions how two achieve it as it doesn’t have a valid target. It feels lost and I think it starts misbehaving. It goes awol. 

I think mind can only find its peace in processing relevant information. It needs to feed on something measurable. 
– end of part I
PS: “I published this to to give my mind some peace. I got behind with my posts and I started to feel disappointed. 

I set myself some goals and with goals comes the possibility of disappointment. 

Because even when we try hard, sometimes it just won’t be enough, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean that our disappointment is deserved. I am now quite OK with what I have managed so far, this year. I’m still learning to manage my day to get the most out of each and every day and I’m sure eventually I will become fully focused on what is the best for me and the goal I want to achieve this year,or further down the line. For now a little peace of mind with where I am and how far I have gone is enough.”


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